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The purest expression of the fruit!


The purest expression of the fruit!

The word of the Cellar Master
This Calvados fresh and fruity is perfect for mixology.

Technical characteristics

Way of consumption
This Calvados is perfect to be tasted with apple sorbets, aperitif, cocktail or long drink. You can also use it in pastries for icing and singeing

Technical characteristics

AOC Calvados

Fruits Apples bitter, sweet and sweet-bitter, more than 30 different varieties

Crushing October and november, slow alcoholic fermentation at 10-12°C and maturation on fine lees

Distillation November and december, with column copper stil

Technical characteristics

Aging In oak casks, minimum 2 years

Alcohol Degree 40% Vol.

Available 35cl, 50cl, 70cl, 75cl and 100cl

Technical characteristics

Color Golden yellow, light tints

Nose Fresh aromas of acidulous apples

Mouth High vivacity, fresh and young aromas, tonic, fresh attack

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